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Patient 1st Visit

Your First Visit

In preparation for the chiropractic consultation, an individual will be asked to fill out new patient forms that provide background information about the symptoms and condition. Patients are also usually asked to provide information on medical history, any pre-existing medical conditions or prior injuries, and current health providers and treatments.

You will be shown a 3-4 minute video on an introduction to chiropractic to help you better understand your options. Dr. Barros will take Xrays to get a better understanding of your condition. There will also be an orthopedic and neurological exam, as well as, motion and strength testing to analyze the best possible treatment for your symptoms.

Dr. Barros will take time to go over your health history with you and to explain everything about her office and all of your options for chiropractic care.

Your Second Visit

During your second visit to our office, Dr. Barros will go over your xrays and discuss a best possible care plan with you. Dr. Barros wants you to be fully informed about your condition, what can be done to treat your symptoms and to help you return to a state of sound health.

Dr. Barros will answer any questions you will have and takes time to make sure you are assured that you that you are in total control of your choices, by allowing you to choose the care plan that fits your situation.

She will explain all of your options including the range of services offered in her office that will compliment your chiropractic adjustment.

In most instances, you will receive your 1st chiropractic adjustment with Dr. Barros on your 2nd visit and begin your treatment plan.

Download and Print New Patient Forms

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